Scientific Research in Australia on Antarctica

In Australia they do, do a lot of scientific research on and in Antarctica. They even have a governmental industry named the Australian Antarctic Division. The Australian Antarctic Division or AAD have many plans and projects involving science and Antarctica. They have plans that will happen in 2011-12 and from 2020-21. Here are some of the things the AAD are working on


–         Climate Process and Change

–         Terrestrial and Near shore Ecosystems which focuses on environmental change and conservation

–         Southern Ocean Ecosystems Change

–         Frontier Science


The AAD also work on things with ice, ocean, atmosphere and climate. The AAD said that their goal was to be to understand better the role of Antarctica. Another thing the AAD is working on is adaptation to the environmental change, with the rise of tourism in Antarctica. They also work on southern ocean ecosystems as they think of it as a huge resource in Australia. So as you can see the Australian Antarctic Division is working on quite a few projects.

By Connor Dalton

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